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  1. Gerald

    The setting. docx doesn’t download even if u follow the procedure

    1. MacDonald

      It worked for me when I tried it may be you go through other related post to find for yourself a working trick that is working with your device

      1. Armelito

        Please cant access the host and port …can you send it to me by email.
        My email: rmlgeorgiom@gmail.com

  2. lex meg

    i can’t download the docx coz there z no offer in uganda. please save me de hustle en send it to ma email lexmegnbevn@gmail.com or facebook: https://m.facebook.com/mukisa.james.5496 am really tired of paying for data! now social tax even!

  3. Hack ISP

    Hey Author,

    Me from Bangladesh and I am looking for different types of free internet. What’s the reason? The reason is, I try to use your method and proxy server. Can you tell me, How can I Success it? You are a genius for making the free internet. Please share your experience, How can you modify this Free Internet? I want to learn that properly.

    Thanks a lot
    MD Shahadat

  4. nicholas

    it cant work and i failed to get the host and port because the link u posted doesnt open


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